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Parent Involvement and Family Support

Mi Casita Day Care Center believes that parents are their child’s best teachers. Parent involvement plays an important role in the success of our program. Parents can participate and volunteer at the center in many different ways. Parents may volunteer to attend trips, read stories in the classroom, assist teachers in the playground, and help to coordinate special events. 


When parents apply for service, a tour of the Center is provided so that they can see first hand the type of environment where their children will be placed. Once their children are admitted into the school, we expect them to take an active role in their child’s education. 


We also offer two parent/teacher conference during the school year in order for parent to receive information related to the progress and success of their children.


Every year parents are also required to do a survey of our services and you have the opportunity to give us feedback or comments related to our strengths and weakness.  Parents are encouraged to join and attend our board of director meetings.

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