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Administrative Staff

Ana M. Trotter, Executive Director

Ana M. Trotter is the Executive Director at Mi Casita Day Care Center Inc. & Mi Casita II-East.  She has been a part of Mi Casita Day Care Center, Inc. for over 16 years and has over 20 years of experience working in early care and education as both a teacher, Administrator & Program Director.


Mrs. Trotter received her Bachelors Degree from Rowan University. After graduation, she has received her NJ Head Teacher, Group Teacher Approval and Director Credential. Ana is a member of the Association For Early Learning Leaders and in December 22, 2014, she successfully completed a two-year self-study in which Mi Casita Day Care Center II became accredited with the National Accreditation Commission. Ana is a native from the City of Camden, born and raised and continues to service the families and children for years to come.

Melissa Molina, Program Director

Melissa Molina is the Program Director at Mi Casita Day Care Inc. & Mi Casita II-East. She has 15 years of non-profit experience, including the last 10 years as a Fiscal Officer. Ms. Molina has additional experience as an Executive Assistant and Grant Accountant.

Mrs. Molina received her Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University.  Her fiscal report is used as a model for the Camden City School District. She is a native of Camden City and alumnus of Mi Casita.  Her mission is to add to Mi Casita's growth while serving the families and children in our Head Start and Early Childhood Programs

Administration & Support Staff
Mi Casita South
Cándida Rodríguez
Family Worker
Yahaira Bonilla
Fiscal Officer
Laura G. Jiménez
Administrative Assistant
Rafael Plaza
Aida Rodríguez
Nelsy Colón
Doris J. Vélez


Sol M. Rivera
Family Worker/Clerk

Marianett Galarza
Maria E. Montero
Yamaris Rosado 
Lekisha Ramos
Yamilca Torres-Ocasio
Aloysha Stanislas  

Group Teachers

Cinthya P. Sandoval

Margarita Agosto

Joanne Rosa



Teacher's Assistant

Erika Ramos

Sara Alvarado

Yelsie Pinero



Angelica Figueroa
Anais Rodriguez
Delia Roman
Saumarys O’Neill

Iris J. Rodriguez

Mi Casita East
Isabel Solorzano
Family Worker/Clerk
Carolina Reza
Family Worker

Administrative Assistant

Zuhaneiry Vélez-Cintrón
Francis Roura
Carmen P. Sepulveda Sandra Holtzin

Sayonara Vázquez

Delia Reyes

Dally Arciliares

Claudia LaPuerta

Raqueliris Martínez

Leslie Cruz
Carmen Santana

Jacqueline Ruíz

Daniel Rivera
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