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Happy Caretaker, Happy Child!

Dear Parent Self Care is of the outmost importance

April is the month of the Young Child. However, a child's mental health and well being is directly related to their caretaker's mental health and overall wellness! How we engage our young children on a day to day basis has as much to do with how we feel as to how we parent. Nationally, Young Children ages 0-5 are the most at risk for neglect and abuse. We must recognize especially during this Covid and Racial crisis, that we are all experiencing stress. The issue at hand is recognizing when help is needed! Not one of us can do everything on our own; therefore it is of import that we as caretakers become cognizant of our own stress; when our cup is full!

But, we do not know what we do not know! Thus, prevention is key! How to prevent neglect and abuse should begin by allowing ourselves to look back on our own childhood. How was discipline practiced by my own caretakers? Was I punished or was I redirected? Here lies the clue! Most importantly is how do we want our children to grow; do we want them to understand the nature of their mistakes and how to rectify them or do we want them to feel insecure and afraid?

However you take this questions as a parent, one thing is clear, each child under our care is an individual deserving of love and security.

Here is a strategy to helps us calm down during times of stress. Remember, modeling is key. Children also do not know what they do not know and we must model it for them!

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